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Las mejores frases de The Alpha and his King (Kinckaid Pack #1) (3)

leersinlimites 24 marzo 2020
“You aren’t in any trouble, you hear me? You and your siblings are pack, and we take care of pack. Beth will dote on you, V and I will tease you, and Rick will protect you with his life. That’s how this pack works.”
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leersinlimites 24 marzo 2020
Kai smiled so warmly at him, Rick's breath caught in the back of his throat. Fuck. He was so screwed.
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leersinlimites 24 marzo 2020
Fuck. His title on Kai’s lips had to be the sexiest thing he’d ever heard. When others called him by it, it just sounded respectful. But with Kai, it was either said teasingly or with a heated undertone that sank into the core of Rick and pulled at his wolf.
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