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Las mejores frases de Five Fake Dates (3)

leersinlimites 27 marzo 2020
West had become a man — a hot man. So, naturally, I was a little worried the inevitable was going to happen this summer break: West, my sister, my heart beneath their feet. Not that they’d know, because I’d die before I’d tell either of them what West really meant to me.
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leersinlimites 27 marzo 2020
My first West-related heartbreak came with that realization at age fourteen. I would never have West. He’d never want to touch me or kiss me. He’d always chase after a Hannah — if not my sister, some other girl.
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leersinlimites 27 marzo 2020
Adam had been a little weirded out the first time or two, not sure he wanted to get freaky with his parents downstairs, but the day I’d pulled down his underwear and sucked his cock into my mouth for the first time, he’d cried out, “Yes, thank you, Jesus!” And Adam wasn’t even religious.
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