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Crítica de DianeNospraka

01 September 2023
Beach Read by American author Emily Henry is a romantic comedy about novels, writers, and family secrets. January Andrews' father passed away and she inherits his residence very close to Michigan's Lake and next-door Augustus Everett's house. January had no idea her father lived in that place with a second woman, Sonya; until his funeral she learned about this relationship. January is having writer's blocking, so she decided to inhabit the residence to continue writing in a completely different environment. Another surprising detail is Augustus, his neighbor, was part of her past at school times and they shared an interesting situation by then. Their first meeting was disastrous since she went to knock his door after the noise coming from Augustus' place. January met Pete and Maggie who own a bookstore and are the organizers of a Book Club where they read black novels including some Gus'. January and Gus see each other every day as they can do it from their kitchen windows. They argue about their different genres; January's Happily Ever After romance and Gus' noir fiction therefore they have an agreement about writing books that will be different to all what they have written before. That is, January will write noir fiction while Gus will create a romantic comedy. January will take Gus to various trips to help Gus compose his rom-com. Gus will take January to meet ex-members of a religious cult in the forest. There is one condition, no one will fall in love. They spend time together in a town fair, interviewing people related to the forest cult, in the lake shore and camping in the cult's old place. Everything can happen while they are preparing their new novels. After the Acknowledgments, the author included a Readers Guide, Discussing Questions and Further Reading. I completely recommend Emily Henry's Beach Read, it's an excellent reading for all year long.
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