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Crítica de librosydragones

22 mayo 2018
“Idealists mature badly. If they can't outgrow their idealism, they become hypocrites or blind.”

This was a slow paced book. Yes, there's was action in it, battles, magic, surprises, but the story moved slowly. There wasn't any huge plot twist that surprised and shocked me, like in the first book. This was more a preparation for what is to come in the next installment, or so I've heard. That's why I rated it lower than The Black Prism.

Nonetheless, the story was good. A couple of interesting characters were introduced, like Teia and The Third Eye. We got to see Kip grow up a little bit, the bond between Karris and Gavin finally evolved, and the Gavin-Dazen situation changed dramatically.
Liv chose a side in the incoming war, and the Color Prince reveals his plans for her. We get to know more about the Red, his motives and his goal.

The magic system is expanded, there's more than just Drafting, and even what we knew about drafting changes. The magic is running wild because Gavin lost Blue. The old Gods are resurging, dangerously powerful, and the wights are growing in number and strength.
I can't wait to read book three, there are a lot of questions to be answered yet, and the world keeps expanding, getting more complex and intriguing.
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