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Crítica de Laia

15 octubre 2018
I've always wanted to read this book, I mean, I've read about it, good reviews, average reviews,... but all regarding the same quote: 'YOU NEED TO READ THIS BOOK ASAP'. And it's true, you really need to read this, is fascinating.

Maybe It's because It talks about some close to my experience in life, o maybe it's because the simple beauty of the book and the writing style, but this book clarifies a lot of things to those who don't quite understand how mental illness work. I wish my dad could understand English, my life would be easier if he reads this book. But, anyway, mainly talks about depression, it doesn't actually talk about it, its just there, and it's like, a second character to the story, which is how it feels like in real life.
I'm amazed by this book, by everything, and I believe the author's personal experience is what makes this book unique and a Must Read.

In plot-line regarding matters, this isn't a fast-book-action kind of book, it's quite slow and rough on the edges. The beginning it's mostly narrative (all the book actually) but like in a description-of-how-it-feels way, and the second par it like what-i-can-i-do-with-it kind.
A part of this little thing I don't have anything inverse this book.
It's amazing, just read it.
Enlace: https://laiaisreading.blogsp..
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