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ISBN : 151872874X
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One night can change everything…

Nessa Sloan has been in love with Jimmy Baker since the ninth grade when they started up a rock band together. Five years later they’re about to hit the big time—Chaos wins a recording contract and nation-wide tour with Torrence Records. After their celebration party, the two best friends have a one-night stand that will tear their relationship apart.

On the run from Jimmy’s rejection, Nessa takes off on... >Voir plus
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 01 February 2020
*ARC generously provided by Author in exchange for an honest review*

I don't really know how I missed Melissa's books until now. I freaking like Nessa and Jimmy's love story. Friendship, pasion, tragedy, love and music. It's a Songbird novel but it can be read as a standalone.

The story is toldfrom the POV of Nessa and Jimmy. Nessa is the drummer of Chaos, the rock band she started with Jimmy back in high school, and she has been in love with him since then. Jimmy has a different way of living lifethanks to his father. He doesn't believe in love, and just feels like taking care of his band and screw any girl without thinking about a future with them. Everything changes in on night, the night they win a show that lead them to a contract with Torrence Records. After the celebration party Nessa and Jimmy spend the night together, for Nessa is a dream come true, for Jimmy is something that should have never happened. With her heart broken, Nessa leaves the band running away from Jimmy, and tragedy will catch them.

A broken heart hard to heal, regrets from the past, a love that blooms from friendship, that's True Love. A story that shows you that it doesn't matter what people think if you believe in yourself, and that any hardships can be overcome if you are strong enough and have faith.

Nessa is a character that pretends to be strong but is broken on the inside thanks to her mother. Jimmy is a rock boy, sexy, that cares for all his friends and has such cute moments along the story, allways trying to please Nessa. From the second characters I like Ralphie, the big brother type, allways at your side when you need him.

I have come to like Melissa's writting style, and after this one I'll be reading every Songbird novel starting with Fever.

I recommend listening to the True Love playlist on Spotify while reading the novel, it helps you getting into the story, and the songs picked by the author are awesome.
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