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Crítica de leleentrelibros

21 May 2021
I think this part of the women are some kinf of magic series is better than the first one.

I like the author talks so freely about rape, anorexic, misogony, abuse and dead. Someone must say them loud so something can change. The society normalize all these situations like always happen through the centuries but they're not. In some point, they started to happen and we have to find a way to stop them, especially the hate for the condition of being a woman. We are equals.

“i am a woman.
i am a human.
& i matter
with no conditions

you may not
see my worth,
but i do.
i do.”

Anyways, even I like the manifest of Amanda Lovelace, I disaprove how violance some poems are. I'm not talking about the realistic ones, I refer those encourage to use the violance as instrument for the cause. Men burned us, still do but we are better, we should raise our voices, not our fists.
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