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Crítica de lethanibooks

16 mayo 2018

I've no words to describe how this book made me feel and how important I think it is. I started it thinking it was a romantic novel and I've figured out that it's so much more than that. It's a story about strong women and how they fight against disgusting men. A story about loss, forgiveness and the meaning of love.

It's so well written that I could feel everything the characters were feeling, even when my opinions about certain decisions were the opposite to those adopted by the characters. But Colleen made me understand the character's point of view so I could relate to them.

What about the plot? When I thought the story would follow certain path, Colleen surprised me with something new. Not huge plot twists but changes I didn't expect. The story is beautiful and awful at the same time but, overall, cruel and real.

This book should be a compulsory read in high school. It teaches a lot of important things about what's love, how every person should be treated by their lovers, self-esteem, etc. I specially recommend it to every women out there because I think all of us can relate in a way or another to some situations in this book.

And for every women that's suffering because of their lovers behaviour: Keep swimming, you're the strongest.
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